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Dinosaur Lover Websites:
The Dinosaur Society
"Dedicated to promoting an interest in everything dinosaur related." News, dinosaur events, dinosaur poetry, exhibition info, kids gallery, dino and Paleo art, etc.
Palaeobiology Research Group (University of Bristol's Online Dinosaur Database)
Searchable and extensive Dinosaur database, dino and Paleontology news, art galleries, blog, kids section, forum, etc.
BBC- Walking With Dinosaurs
An awesome dinosaur website... Lots of dino graphics, knowledge, etc.
Prehistoric Planet is a service of the PaleoClones, LLC company, a small group of scientists and laymen with a deep desire to share the world of natural history. Loaded with fascinating dino interactives, features, and products.
The Wiki about all prehistoric life, than ANYONE CAN EDIT. Includes sections on Geography, ecology, paleontology experts, and much more.

Dinosaur Sites & Links for Kids & Students:
Dinosaur Playground
ABC in tandem with BBC online dinosaur and paleontology related interactive website.
The Dinosauria
UC Berkeleys Dinosauria page, with great general and introductory knowledge, info, and facts about Dinosaurs.
Dinosaurs (LiveBinder)
First grade activity pages about dinosaurs from Mountain City Elementary School: Language activities, dinosaur words A to Z, Dino fact sheets, dioramas, adventure writing, etc.
Zoom Dinosaurs (
Zoom Dinosaurs is a comprehensive on-line hypertext book about dinosaurs. It is designed for students of all ages and levels of comprehension.
Dinosaur Time Machine
The Dinosaur Time Machine is designed to take kids back to the times of the dinosaurs. You will learn many things about dinosaurs on your voyage back in time. Find out when scientist think the dinosaurs roamed the earth, how they became extinct and many of the other interesting theories and facts about dinosaurs.
Dinosaur Train
Preschoolers get to hop on board the "Dinosaur Train" to learn about natural science, natural history and paleontology. Brought to you by PBS Kids.
A to Z Teacher Stuff
Lesson plans and teacher training tools- Dinosaurs section by Edutopia.
Learn about hundreds of Dinosaur species in their dinosaur database and about the science of paleontology. A totally free childrens learning network designed for teaching curious kids about the natural sciences, etc.

Dinosaur & Paleontology Links, Indexes, Lists, & Directories:
K-Paleo: Kuban's Paleo Place
Fossils, dinosaurs, museums, and more.
Glens Dinosaur Den
Links to Dinosaurs and related prehistoric creatures. (part of Kuban's Paleo Place, last updated September, 2005)
Dinosaur Resources
Diverse collection of Dinosaur and Paleontology related links and resources. Contact Paula Barnard, last updated June, 2005

Dinosaur & Paleo Art, Artists, Galleries, & Related Topics/ Resources:
The Complete Dinosaur Art Studio (
Walters & Kissinger is the complete dinosaur art studio. Two dinosaur illustrators and sculptors with extensive credits in natural history museum exhibit designand resources.
Todd Marshall
Webportal and bio page for California based Paleo-artist Todd Marshall on Planet Dinosaur
Josef Moravec
Website & Gallery/ exhibits by gifted Paleo-artist/ illustrator Josef Moravec.
A comprehensive collection of Dinosaur and Paleo related art, illustrations, drawings, etc. & artists connections/ contacts.
The World's Best Dinosaur Artists - ( Education)
Personal galleries of a few of the best Paleo Artists known today.
Copyrights, Contracts, & Guidelines for Dinosaur Artists & Paleontologists
Legal oversight from the Dinosaur Society

Dinosaur Stores & Products: Retail & wholesale outlets, online shopping portals, and all manner of related Dino toys, gifts, novelties, ideas, games, etc:
Dinosaur Corporation
Dinosaur store
Dinosaurs Rock Superstore
Bulk fossils, minerals, rocks, and seashells. Science, crafts, toys, scout and excavation kits, fossil replicas, dinosaur birthday supplies, etc.
Everything Dinosaur
Dinosaur store
The Dinosaur Farm
Dinosaur collectables, puzzles and games, dino toys, costumes,s, clothes and gear, dinosaur inflatables, books and cd's, dino room decor, etc.
The Museum Store Company
The Premier Museum Store Company for Ancient Art, Artifacts, Museum Jewelry, Historic Replicas and History Gifts. Established 1997. Own a Piece of History... Give a Piece of History
Dinosaur Temporary Tattoos for Kids & Adults
Popular temporary dinosaur tattoos are fun for educators and families alike.

Dinosaur Museums:
Dinosaurs at the Smithsonian
Dinosaurs in New Mexico
British Natural History Museum
Dinosaur State Park, (Rocky Hill, CT)
Dakota Dinosaur Museum (Dickinson, ND)
The Wyoming Dinosaur Center & Dig Sites
The Museum of Victoria, Melbourne Australia
Exhibit: "Fighting Dinosaurs", American Museum of Natural History


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